Frequently Asked Questions about Canterbury Square Apartments


Can you tell me about Canterbury Square Apartments?

Canterbury Square is 203 newly renovated 1 & 2 bedroom apartments along the Mississippi River right north of LSU.  Along with our renovations we have installed new energy efficient appliances, dishwashers, ranges, and frost free refrigerators.  We have six different floor plans to choose from with beautifully exposed brick in all units, ceramic tile floors in the living areas, halls, kitchens, and baths.  Other features include controlled access gates, which allow you to screen your guests and limit outside traffic.  We also have two swimming pools on our property and laundry facilities.


Where are the Canterbury Square Apartments?

The apartments are located at 3003 River Road between Webster and Aster streets.  See MAP for details.


What are the rents?

The rents at Canterbury Square Apartments are limited by federal guidelines.  Currently, the rents by bedroom size are:


 Apt.              Sq.      Current    # of Occupants    Minimum Allowable      Minimum Allowable 

 Size               Ft.         Rent            Min/Max            Annual Income              Monthly Income

1BR/1BATH        513         $575                  1 / 2                       $18,900                               $1,575

1BR/1BATH        519         $600                  1 / 2                       $19,500                               $1,625

1BR/1BATH        573         $625                  1 / 2                       $20,700                               $1,725

2BR/1BATH        746         $675                  1 / 4                       $22,500                               $1,875

2BR/1BATH        748         $700                  1 / 4                       $23,100                               $1,925

2BR/1BATH        828         $725                  1 / 4                       $24,300                               $2,025


How do you determine my income?

In addition to standard wages, income includes monies received from many sources such as alimony, child support, pensions, and social security.  A complete definition of income is posted in the Canterbury Square rental office for inspection.


All information on income provided by applicants must be verified before occupancy.  This qualification and certification process must also be completed annually.


Do you have a fee to process my apartment application?

Our application fee is $35 for one person and $15 for each additional adult.

Our deposit is $500 depending on credit history.  Please submit in the form of a money order.


What is the lease term?

The Lease term is 6 and 12 months. 


What forms do I need to complete in order to move in?

All applicants over the age of 18 must submit the following forms:

1.       Application and $35+ fee

2.       Release Form

3.       Income Verification (all that apply)

4.       Student Status

5.       Legal Age (copy of I.D.)

6.       Criminal Release


NOTE:  All office forms must be completed in blue ink only.


What will Canterbury Square do with the information I provide?

Besides keeping the information on file, the information is used to obtain approval by conducting a check of:

1.       Credit History

2.       Rental History

3.       Criminal History


How does the application process work?

Accepting your application does not warrant that your application will be approved.  All applications will be processed within 3 working days pending all information is obtained from the applicant(s).  Once an application is approved by Canterbury Square management, your deposit will not be refunded should you cancel your move-in for any reason.  In processing your application, approval/disapproval will be based upon the following criteria:

1.       Employment

2.       Income

3.       Credit History

4.       Rental History

5.       Background Checks

6.       Legal Age


How are the utilities handled at Canterbury Square?

All residents are responsible for their own electricity, telephone, and cable bill.   Community paid utilities include: water, trash removal, and pest control.  The electricity to the community is provided by Entergy Corporation through a primary meter for the property.  The individual apartments are privately metered and are billed by CNH Investments.  The electricity security deposit is $150 with an $18 connection fee (total $168).  Money orders are required for all initial payments.


Are pets allowed?

No dogs or cats are allowed at Canterbury Square.  Talk to our management staff about other pets.



Can I have a waterbed?

Waterbeds are allowed so long as you provide management with proof of insurance which must be kept current throughout the lease term.  You also must live in a downstairs unit.